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Frequently Asked Questions
Is this site free?
Yes the site is free to use. We are advertiser supported so we do ask that you click on our ads.

How does this thing work?
With a little bit of Santa's magic! First, you register with the site. Next, one person will need to create an event for your group. Give it a name, a date/time, and then names and emails of all the participants. The system will email each participant with an invitation. Once you sign in, you will get a list of all the events you are participating in. From this list you will view details about the event including Drawing a Name and seeing that person's Wish List.

Do I have to register to use your site?
Yes. While you don't have to be registered to receive a secret santa invitation, you will have to register to RSVP and draw a name.

Do I have to provide my gender during registration?
No. We ask for gender and your online contact information for future uses on the site. Providing your gender may help your secret santa in purchasing a gift that is just right for you.